Risky Radicals & Plain Living / Plain Leaving Combo

Risky Radicals & Plain Living / Plain Leaving Combo

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Risky Radicals

Since the beginning of time, God has called men and women to rise up and make a difference in the world. Today is no exception. The Lord is searching the earth for Risky Radicals who will answer His call and believe Him to do the impossible. He's looking for those who will step out of the boat of comfortable Christianity, and do something great with their lives for Him.

The greatest of all adventures and the most spectacular of all rewards awaits those who say "yes" to His plan for their lives. Risky Radicals will inspire and prepare you to answer that call!

Book Type: Paperback - English

Plain Living / Plain Leaving

Hear a riveting message from a man who has preached the Word to millions but has a desire to reach billions. In Plain Living / Plain Leaving, Steve Hill passionately preaches to everyone who is in danger of losing their lives. holding nothing back, he delivers his soul bringing a powerful, convicting word that every single person needs to hear. This is a warning to the lost and a clear word to those who have decided to follow the Lord.

What Others are saying:

  • “Wow! Thanks for preaching the truth! I had sin in my life.”
    – United States
  • “We are two Iranian sisters. We prayed the forgiveness prayer to the Lord with you on TV. Thank you for bringing us back home.”
    – The Netherlands
  • “Your message opened my eyes to that fact that I need God.”
    – Romania
  • “I prayed the forgiveness prayer with you while watching your meeting on television. Thanks!”
    – United Kingdom
  • “I rededicated my life back to Christ! I needed to hear that word!”
    – United States

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